What to look for when inspecting a chair?


  • Surfaces/material check
  • Stability check
  • Legs check
  • Accessories/components quantity check (self-assembly chairs)
  • Color compare check (set of chairs)
  • Textile/fabric check
  • Logo (position, colors, appearance)
  • Caps quantity check
  • Screws quantity check (self-assembly chairs)
  • Assembly check (self-assembly chairs)
  • Mechanisms check (self-assembly chairs)
  • Fold/unfold check (folding chairs)
  • Packaging integrity check
  • Smell test
  • Function Check

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What is inside this checklist

  • Order Quantity Check and Storage conditions
  • Packing/Product Conformity against Technical Specifications
  • Performance and Mechanical tests required for Chairs Inspection:
  1. Carton Drop Test
  2. Adhesive Test On The Logo
  3. Rub Test On The Rating Labels Markings
  4. Abuse/Fatigue Test
  5. Assembly Test
  6. Moisture Content Check
  7. Loading Test
  8. Stability Test
  9. Cross Cut Test
  • Workmanship/Cosmetic and Function Check requirements and points of attention.

Chairs Inspection

Chairs are essential furniture items designed for various purposes. They come in types like armchairs, dining chairs, and office chairs, catering to different needs.

Manufacturers use materials like wood, metal, and plastic to craft sturdy frames. These frames are then covered with soft fabrics or leather, ensuring comfortable seating.

Chairs play a vital role in our daily lives, offering support and comfort at home, in offices, and public spaces. With their diverse styles and functionalities, chairs are indispensable companions for our daily routines and activities.

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Step-by-step instructions for performance and mechanical tests

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