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QCAdvisor is a Quality Control Consulting company based in Shenzhen, China. We provide cost-efficient and innovative Quality Control solutions with a constant focus on delivering the best product to the end-user.
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Attention to detail to ensure quality and avoid recalls

500+ Customized and highly detailed Inspection Checklists made in-house. Coupled with detailed granular Pre-Shipment Inspection reports to cover all possible defects and quality problems.

Same day report for faster decision and enhancing your time-to-market

You receive your Pre-Shipment Inspection report the same day the inspection is performed, (before 6PM CET time). (Definitely without additional fee)

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We not only catch defects, we help avoid them before they happen

Therefore, we communicate a Pre-Inspection brief to your supplier before we show up for the Pre-Shipment Inspection. As a result, with this exclusive and powerful process we have helped our clients achieve near 0% defects in 2020.

Ensure defect-free product delivery from your Chinese suppliers

Ordering products from a supplier in China might present real risks. For this reason, it is critical to confirm your specifications and regulatory standards are met before your goods are shipped.

QCADVISOR team helps you ensure defect-free product delivery by performing a Final Random Inspection at your supplier premises.

We use international standards ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) for random statistical sampling and Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL). In addition to that we use more than 500 unparalleled inspection checklists to cover your products standards, specifications and local regulations.


Pre-Shipment Inspection Scope:

  • Order Quantity Check
  • Workmanship, Visual and Function Check
  • Product and Packing Conformity
  • Dimensions
  • Performance, Mechanical tests
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Quality Control In China

Get the most out of your Pre-Shipment Inspection with our Benefits

  • All Inclusive Pricing. (No travel expenses, weekend fee or other hidden costs.)
  • Easy and fast booking on our online platform. (We take care of everything else, from inspection arrangement with your supplier, to your product checklists)
  • 35% off your 2nd Man Day onward.
  • Pre-Inspection brief sent to your supplier before inspection.
  • A Product Expert trained for your requirements performing your inspection.
  • Detailed granular report sent the same day of inspection. (Without additional fee)
  • Customer service 24/7 by chat via our online booking system, Whatsapp or Wechat.
  • Appointment available on Zoom or Skype with your dedicated Account Manager.

Upstream Quality Management

We direct a significant portion of our energy to upstream quality management. For this reason, we’re able to prevent problems before they occur.

The key to this is in our Pre-Inspection Brief. This tool allows us to communicate essential details to the factories before we arrive for the inspection. Consequently, an emphasis on clear communication nearly eliminates the chance of defects or problems down the road.

Rhod Needham (UK)

E-Commerce Entrepreneur

“We have used QCADVISOR for a number of years. The quality of service is very good, they are flexible to different requests and ensure an element of trust which is crucial for this service.”

Cedric Goubert (Greece)

Group Quality Director, FRIGOGLASS.

“Flexibility and quick response is a very strong point. The level of Quality of the Service offered is high, information received through the reports are accurate and any recommendations from our side are taken into account and implemented promptly. Additionally, the possibility to retrieve the reports online is an advantage.

Working with QCADVISOR is a very good experience and we would definitely recommend them for 3rd party inspections in China.”

Delphine Maisl (France)

Managing Director – ANAIK ASIA

“QCADVISOR is one of the rare company to provide truly customized services: specific details to check during an inspection or points to highlight during an audit. The team always answers our needs, even with very short deadlines.”

The products we cover

Home & Garden Products
 Industrial and Building material

Electronic Appliances
Handmade Products
Paper Products
Travel Accessories
Office Products
Automotive & Mechanical parts


We are an international team of Quality Control experts based in China, the world’s manufacturing powerhouse.

Our trained team of inspectors and auditors verify your suppliers and inspect your products in China, using a unique pro-active approach combined with technology. We not only catch defects, we help avoid them before they happen.

Some of the elements of our secret sauce consists of early preparation directly with your supplier and Highly Detailed Inspection Checklists: Our process is different from other inspection companies and this is the reason our results are different as well. We have helped our clients achieve near 0% defects in 2020.

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