The Ultimate Vocabulary List for Your Trip to China

Feb 5, 2020


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When you conduct business with China, there is a potential for a lot of misunderstanding.

That’s why knowing a few handy words and phrases not only helps you avoid confusions, but it also allows you to build better connections with your suppliers.

Today we are sharing some key basics you need to deal successfully with your factory in China.

  • Production Process
  • Quality Control
  • Shipping & Logistics

What’s more, in the extended version we covered such areas as

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Transportation

This is all about making you feel more confident during your stay in China!

To get the full list including more than 120 technical words to use with your Chinese suppliers and additional basic survival phrases for staying in a Hotel, visiting a Restaurant and using Transportation in China, please send me a PM or an email at

We are happy to make your visit to China much easier! 

About The Author

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