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QCAdvisor is a Quality Control Consulting company based in Shenzhen, China. We provide cost-efficient and innovative Quality Control solutions with a constant focus on delivering the best product to the end-user.
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Garment Inspection Checklist

Detailed Garment Inspection Checklist for retail managers to customise and ensure the best garment quality before shipping them to your store.

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  • Covers most types of garments
  • Achieve excellence and confidence in inspecting garment quality
  • Quickly find issues with appearance and functionality of garments

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30+ checkpoints that cover every aspect of your garment

Step-by-step instructions for performance and mechanical tests

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What matters to the end-user


Shirts, under pants, Briefs, pajamas, Suits, Jackets, Trouser, Jersey, Pull Over.

A garment is a piece of clothing which is manufactured by fabric or textile materials for protecting human body and decorated purpose. These materials can be natural, cellulose and synthetic fibers. There are many types of garments like woven or knitted with different names and uses.
What matters first for consumers is “Good value”. Younger people, less concerns about price and more concerns about the look of the products. Older people tend to be more concerned about quality and just as concerned about price.

According to a study by the ASBCI (Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry), in the last 2 year consumers are paying higher prices but they are also buying fewers items, keeping them longer and expecting a longer lasting product.
Fabric quality and accessories functioning well over long period of time is very important and critical to Garments Quality. Look is extremely important, especially for younger consumers, dimensions and shape must be all within tolerances.
One more point that needs to be considered during design, production, and inspection of your garment is the finishing quality of your products, that is directly related to brand positioning and price. (eg. Untrimmed threads, poor stitching, asymmetry, Logo quality and position, Colors).

Points of attention and common defects

Workmanship and Appearance Issues:

  • Logo and labelling (position, colors, appearance)
  • Symmetry check
  • Appearance and potential deterioration due to packing in master carton. (Wrinkles, Scratches, Deformed shape).
  • Seaming strength
  • Stitches quality
  • Color shading check
  • Untrimmed threads
  • Hanger and other accessories should also be inspected
  • Dimensions according to each size
  • Labeling and marking (Mandatory in some countries)


  • Check for each sample all functions, zipper, Velcro, buttons and make sure they are working properly.
  • Fitting on dummy or proper model
  • Waterproof or other property (reflecting clothes for example) if applicable



  • No glue or other smell (after 48h of production), Solvent-free glue.
  • Wet Fabric/Mold and related smells specially during storage


  • QC sticker or other accessory not requested by client (eg: QC in Chinese from factory QC team)
  • Desiccant when required is very important, specially when manufacturing is made in Souht./South East Asia due to extreme wet weather in some periods of the year

Inspection Checkpoints

  • Order Quantity/Cartons storage conditions
  • Product Identification against specifications
  • Packing Dimensions, Shipping Marks
  • Unit Packing, Assortments, Marking, Barcodes
  • Workmanship and Basic Function Check
  • Dimensions (Product/Unit Packing/Master Carton)
  • Performance and Mechanical tests (examples below):

GSM Test

Fitting Test

Printing Adhesion Test for Logo and Marking

Rub Test for Color Fastness

Fatigue Test

Lining Pulling Test

Seam Pulling Test

Download Garment Inspection Checklist

Enter your business email address to receive a copy of the checklist.

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We use a large database of in-house inspection checklists for every of our product inspection in order to catch all possible issues.

We also design customized inspection checklists for specific products and projects of our customers. If you need support or further information on that, we are happy to answer any question you have or provide you with an estimate.