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QCAdvisor is a Quality Control Consulting company based in Shenzhen, China. We provide cost-efficient and innovative Quality Control solutions with a constant focus on delivering the best product to the end-user.
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Verifying if a company in China is legit is actually easy and quick: considering you have access to online government databases (cf. National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (国家企业信用消息公示系统) or private apps like  Tian Yan Cha ( 天眼查).


With just a company official name (企业名称), a Business License Registration number (注册号) or a Uniform Social Credit Code (统一会信用代吗) you can get an interesting due diligence report when you start looking for reliable suppliers that include:


  • company information (工商信息)
  • incorporation date (成立日期)
  • registered capital (注册资本),
  • shareholders names and structure (股东信息)
  • legal representatives (法定代表人)
  • management executives (高管)
  • business scope (经营范围)


This is an easy and inexpensive way to shortlist suppliers before organizing Factory Verification Audits.


Downsides: These databases, either public or private, are only available in Chinese. Additionally, you would need a VPN to access it outside China.  Which in both cases, when you do not speak Chinese or not have a team in China, might be a hassle.


For this reason, we have created a simple form in English you can use to verify Chinese companies for free and in a convenient way.

With just basic information like company name (in Chinese) or Business License registration number, our team can help get a full report on the company sent to you within 1 working day.

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