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QCAdvisor is a Quality Control Consulting company based in Shenzhen, China. We provide cost-efficient and innovative Quality Control solutions with a constant focus on delivering the best product to the end-user.
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Business Development & Marketing Intern


Nomad (work from wherever you want)




We help importers from all over the world ship better products. Our services enable a full control of the product Quality, from the supplier selection, prototypes qualification until the final goods inspection.

We work differently from other inspection and 3rd party QC companies, with a proactive approach to not only catch defects, but help our clients avoid them before they happen.


The Business Development & Marketing Intern will work on diverse projects to develop our business in a specific time zone based on where she/he is based. This position requires a high level of passion and skill as you help to analyze and improve organic performance across search engines for QCADVISOR. This is a critical role that will work closely with the CEO.


This internship is virtual. Work from home or anywhere else— perfect for business school students looking to develop their skills in an international and multi-cultural environment. (Our Operations are in China and clients come from all over the world).

We offer internships year-round, with flexible hours and an upbeat work environment!



In addition to receiving experience that will forward your career goals and immediately increase your prospects for higher-paying, more rewarding jobs; you will also receive mentoring on your resume, interviewing skills, and professional goals.

Successful interns will also receive a top-notch letter of recommendation and referrals to important business and employment contacts. In addition, we will gladly help you arrange for academic credit.

Commissions: Any QCAVISOR employee (including interns) is provided sales commissions up to 8% in addition to his/her standard salary based on the amount of sales they can obtain.


Available For: All nationalities

Salary Range:  Based on candidate profile


Interested? We would love to learn more about you

Please help us understand your interest for QCADVISOR and what type of role you would like to apply for.
If you have a CV please upload it for our review